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WINTON: Strive to be the leading supplier of gold mirror stainless steel sheet
WINTON: Strive to be the leading supplier of gold mirror stainless steel sheet

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For decades, WINTON Company has grown from a start-up coloured stainless steel supplier to the world’s manufacturer manufacturing mirror finish stainless steel with a bunch of color options and size options. WINTON’S success can be attributed to the persistence of taking quality and service as top priorities. WINTON is pleased to offer the most economical and innovative ss gold mirror sheet.

The mirror stainless steel is polished on the surface of the stainless steel plate by polishing equipment with abrasive liquid to make the surface brightness as clear as a mirror. The stainless steel mirror sheet can also be processed by coloring processes such as electroplating and water plating. The common colors are: titanium gold, rose gold, champagne gold, rose red, wine red, black titanium, coffee red, sapphire blue, emerald green, colorful, and so on.

Many decoration projects use gold mirror stainless steel sheets to create a rich and luxurious atmosphere. Gold mirror stainless steel sheets are widely used in hotel decoration, KTV decoration, architectural engineering decoration, home decoration, furniture decoration, elevator decoration, etc. Gold mirror stainless steel sheet is durable and has good-looking. It passes strict quality control under ISO 9001 system.

WINTON: Strive to be the leading supplier of gold mirror stainless steel sheet

As a coloured stainless steel supplier, WINTON has been engaged in stainless steel surface treatment and processing for more than ten years and has accumulated rich experience in production and processing. Winton has introduced internationally advanced production processes and has absorbed many senior management and production technical talents in the industry, giving full play to the advantages of modern enterprise production. We constantly develop new colored stainless steel sheets that conform to the trend of the times and customer satisfaction. You'll be in good hands with WINTON Stainless Steel for discussing your stainless steel project.


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