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WINTON STAINLESS: Professional Colored Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier From China
WINTON STAINLESS: Professional Colored Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier From China

Colored Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier, Stainless Steel Sheets for Sale

Colored stainless steel sheet is a kind of environmental protection decoration material, which does not contain organic matter such as methanol. It has the characteristics of non radiation, corrosion resistance and durability, so it has been widely used, including but not limited to building exterior wall, window frame decoration, hotel and building commercial decoration, public facilities. With that, it’s obvious that colored stainless steel sheets have an edge over other materials. It goes without saying that the increasing colored stainless steel suppliers have been emerging to fit the needs of colored stainless steel sheets.

Since the market has flooded with a crowd of colored stainless steel suppliers, looking for the professional stainless steel manufacturer is not a task to be taken lightly. As a layman, it’s difficult to recognize what’s the best one. That’s why WINTON STAINLESS comes in and gradually stands out from the numerous competitors.

Lets reach out to the WINTON STAINLESS.

♦8 factories: Hairline, mirror polish, stainless steel sheet PVD coating, chemical coating ,fabrication PVD coating, stainless steel products fabrication factory.

♦ Equipped with the largest imported environmental PVD coating machines in Foshan,China

♦ Factories up to 20,000 m² in total.

♦ Over 10,000 tons inventory of nearly 900 kinds of decorative stainless steel sheets(the biggest in Foshan, China)

♦ Big market share(domestic and oversea such as Dubai Indonesia/Malaysia/India/Egypt/ etc.).


WINTON STAINLESS is a large-scale colored stainless steel sheet supplier integrating production, research and development and sales. Specialized in colored SS sheets over 10 years, we have 10,000 tons inventory colored SS Sheets. Other than that, the main products include 304 stainless steel sheet, 202 stainless steel sheet, 201 stainless steel sheet, 430 stainless steel sheet series, etc. Your inquiry is welcome!



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