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What is hairline stainless steel?
What is hairline stainless steel?

What is hairline stainless steel?

The wire drawing process is one of the most commonly used surface treatment processes for stainless steel. The hairline stainless steel has an avant-garde technological wire-like texture on its surface, which looks clear and filiform.

Every tiny trace from the stainless hairline can be clearly shown and makes the stainless steel matte with fine hairline luster. It is such a special silky texture that is visible and intangible.

Through the wire drawing process, hairline stainless steel hardly get scratched. Compared with ordinary stainless steel, it’s more wear-resistant.

Customization is achievable. Stainless steel sheet suppliers can make customization for each sheet such as shape, thickness, and size, etc.


Specifications of hairline stainless steel sheet

Hairline stainless steel sheets mainly have 201, 304, 316-grade stainless steel. The thickness is generally 0.3mm-3.0mm, and there are mostly seen specifications of hairline stainless steel, such as 1000mm*2000mm, 1219mm*2438mm, 1219mm*3048mm, etc. If necessary, you can also custom patterns and sizes or colors, etc.


Stainless steel hairline finish price

Stainless steel hairline finish price is mainly based on material (201/304/316), specification, as well production process, etc. Basically, customization varies with price. We need to take these reference factors into consideration before finalizing the price. In terms of price, the most suitable sheet for your decoration is the best. If you are interested in the price of stainless steel hairline and wanna make non-standard customization and get a customized price, welcome to consult WINTON Company, a stainless steel sheet supplier from China.


The production process of hairline finish stainless steel sheet

There are electroplating, water electroplating, and ink process.

According to different uses, people will choose different processing techniques.


Properties of ss hairline finish

1.Good option for indoor and outdoor decoration

2. Long-lasting

3.Easy maintenance


6. No harm to the body

Types of hairline stainless steel

According to materials, colors, and patterns, it can be differentiated into many types of hairline stainless steel.


1. According to materials

Commonly used materials for hairline stainless steel are generally

  • Stainless steel 304 hairline finish
  • Stainlesshairline 201
  • Stainlesshairline 403


430-grade stainless steel, also classified as ferritic stainless steel, is containing pure chromium and softer than other materials. Moreover, it has good corrosion resistance and formability. Therefore, 430 hairline stainless steel is a top priority in chemical applications.


2. According to patterns

Stainless steel hairlines generally have straight wire patterns, snowflake patterns, nylon patterns, etc.

- Straight wire grain is an uninterrupted grain from top to bottom. Generally, a fixed wire drawing machine can be used to move back and forth.

- Snow pattern is the most popular one now. It is composed of a little bit of regular dots. It can be achieved with insect sandpaper.

- Nylon pattern is composed of lines of different lengths. Because the nylon wheel is soft in texture, it can grind uneven parts to reach the nylon pattern.


3. According to colors

Colored hairline stainless steel gets designer preference due to stunning aesthetic characteristics. They come with a bunch of color options, such as :

  • Black hairline stainless steel

The black hairline stainless steel is matte. Compared with ordinary black stainless steel, black hairline stainless steel is more colorful. It has application in hotels and luxury facilities.

  • Gold hairline stainless steel

Through the sputtering coloring process, a gold hairline stainless steel comes out with a luxurious and bright appearance. It’s extensively used in the architectural and elevator industry.

  • Bronze hairline stainless steel

It has both the intensity of metallic luster and the colorful, long-lasting color. It can maintain the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the primary color stainless steel, and has high-strength corrosion resistance. Bronze hairline stainless steel is usually used in hotels, guesthouses, entertainment venues, high-end brand stores, high-end buildings, elevator car panels, car panels, hall wall panels, ceilings, architectural decoration, signboards, etc.


Applications of hairline stainless steel sheet

- Elevators, Escalators

- Architectural applications: Interiors, Wall panels, Column Cladding, Indoor, and Outdoor Furniture, Instrumentation, and Electrical control panels

- Baggage handling: Airport conveyors

- Transport: Railways, Coaches,

- Malls, Shopfronts, etc.


Final Words

In terms of hairline stainless steel, it’s a processing technology of stainless steel. The most striking feature is that it has a wire-like texture on the surface of stainless steel, making it less prone to scratches. Besides, people ascribe some properties such as good corrosion resistance and decorative effect to the stainless hairline finish.

When buying, people can have a bountiful choice. We need to take the environment and purpose of use into account, and then people decided whether to make the hairline stainless steel customized.




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