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What are the factors that affect the price of coloured stainless steel?
What are the factors that affect the price of coloured stainless steel?

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Today, the market for colored stainless steel decorative panels has entered a saturation stage. Coloured stainless steel produced by factories is largely identical but with minor differences, which is mainly subject to some aspects such as production processes, and quality. And it causes the price difference of coloured stainless steel. This phenomenon is especially obvious in the lower-end market. So what factors determine the price of coloured stainless steel? Let's analyze it below.


First of all, we must understand the composition of the factors that affect the price of colored stainless steel decorative sheets, and we must first understand its production process. The raw materials for the production of color stainless steel plates are coils produced by major coloured stainless steel sheet suppliers, and then go through a series of flat plates, cutting, and other processes to obtain various specifications of stainless steel sheets, and then go through a series of coloring processes (vacuum plating, nano-oil plating, Water plating, etc.), an etching process, titanium removal process, etc., to produce colorful stainless steel decorative panels. And finally, after filming, binding, transportation, and packaging, they can be shipped.


Through the above production process, we can easily summarize the main price factors that affect the color stainless steel decorative sheet:


  1. Raw material factors, that is, factors such as the manufacturer, material, and specification of the raw material. Take the material as an example. At present, there are 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series material models on the market. Generally speaking, the larger the specific model number, the better the performance and the higher the price.


  1. Production factors, that is, the price required by each process in the production process of colored stainless steel decorative panels. Such as the coloring process, pattern making process, additional surface treatment process, filming process, etc.


  1. The transportation price factor, that is, the packaging and transportation costs of the finished product.


From this point of view, the price of colored stainless steel decorative panels will change due to the price fluctuation of the raw material bottom plate, the choice of the surface treatment process, and the choice of electroplating color. With these reference factors, it is not difficult at all to calculate the price.


Since the price factor consists of these, why is the price of the same material and style of sheet different from each manufacturer? The secret is that the production process of each manufacturer will be different. Take our stainless steel production process as an example. Winton Company uses our original manufacturing process to not only control all-round quality from raw materials to shipment, but also effectively reduce the rate of sheet failures, and at the same time strengthen the customer’s good after-sales experience.




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