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Stainless steel hairline finish for decoration
Stainless steel hairline finish for decoration

Stainless steel decorative profiles, SS hairline finish

Stainless steel hairline finish is one of decorative stainless steels with a wire-like texture on its surface. SS hairline finish is a kind of surface treatment of stainless steel plate, relatively speaking, which belongs to mirror/smooth surface treatment.

Application of stainless steel hairline finish

Widely used in projects such as interior decoration,hotel decoration, restaurant decoration, door frame and villa decoration etc.

Specifications of stainless steel hairline finish

Name Hairline Colored Stainless Steel Sheet
Grade 304,316,201,430
Thickness(mm) From 0.25mm to 3mm
Wide Range(mm) From 600mm to 1500mm
Length(mm) 2000/2440/3050/3500/4000 and customized
Finish Machine Hairline and Handmade Hairline optional,many more surfaces available
Color Red copper and Blackish Red copper

Because of its decorative effect and corrosion resistance, the hairline stainless steel plate is far superior to ordinary stainless steel. Its wear resistance, scratch resistance and scrub resistance are also very strong. The processability and other properties are the same as ordinary stainless steel. It will become a substitute for ordinary stainless steel products and enter all industries that use stainless steel.
SS hairline finish has become one of top priorities for decoration that asks for a beautiful appearance and a textured coating. Hairline stainless steel is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various projects. SS decorative profile arouses people's interest for its decorative surface and other attributes of stainless steel. Welcome to contact WINTON STAINLESS STEEL to get stainless steel hairline finish solution for your project.




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