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Provides stainless steel decorative panels for different uses
Provides stainless steel decorative panels for different uses

Literally, stainless steel decorative sheet is a stainless steel sheet that serves as decoration. After special processing on the surface of stainless steel, such as mirror treatment, wire drawing, frosting, sandblasting, etching, plating, etc., the stainless steel decorative panels are finally presented. So what are its applications?


1. Elevator decoration application

Through the most used processing technology that is mirror-polished technology, stainless steel decorative panels, also called mirror finish stainless steel sheets, are used in elevator projects.


Colored stainless steel decorative panels play a vital role in elevator decoration projects. The primary value of the elevator decoration stainless steel is reflected in the bearing life and durability. After all, the elevator must also take safety production as the first criterion.


The second is health and safety. With the continuous addition of chemical products, there are many materials with decorative and beautifying effects, but also generally contain toxic substances and affect people's health. However, the colored stainless steel produced by WINTON Company is not a color-coated steel plate, whose surface is not painted, and not to mention producing any toxic substances.

2. Stainless steel decorative screen

The use of stainless steel decorative panels to make screens is also the choice of many customers. The decorative effect is not only noble, but also has a variety of style references. The more popular ones are retro styles!


3. Decorative stainless steel wall panels

Decorative stainless steel wall panels full of aesthetically pleasing are the best option for high-traffic areas, commercial kitchens, and many other places.


WINTON company is responsible for the product innovation of stainless steel decorative panels. Over the years, the strong brand strength and strong marketing team have made the company a winner in the industry. It has continuously exported various innovative products of colored stainless steel with a bunch of stainless steel colors to the domestic and foreign markets. And our stainless steel decorative sheets are widely used in the stainless steel door industry, stainless steel metal cabinet manufacturers, stainless steel elevator manufacturers, stainless steel engineering decoration industry, and other fields.




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