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Mirror stainless steel sheet vs Stainless steel wire drawing
Mirror stainless steel sheet vs Stainless steel wire drawing

Mirror stainless steel sheet and stainless steel wire drawing are surface decorative plates that are often used in the market. The effect shown by the processing technology of its surface treatment will also be different. This will also choose the metal decorative custom board that is more suitable for you according to the scope of use.


1. Different concepts

Stainless steel wire drawing refers to the texture effect of the stainless steel surface. It is the most commonly used and widely used stainless steel surface treatment technology. After brushing the matte surface of the stainless steel plate, texture marks will appear on the surface, but the hand feel will not appear uneven.


Stainless steel wire drawing is more advanced than ordinary 2B surface stainless steel because the surface brushing treatment can reflect the texture of metal materials. The lines on the surface of the drawing board include straight lines, random lines, corrugations, and threads.


The mirror finish stainless steel refers to polishing the surface of the stainless steel plate with a polishing liquid using polishing equipment. Iron red powder, nitric acid, and water are used as grinding media, and the surface formed by the grinding of wool felt makes the surface brightness as clear as a mirror.


2. Different uses

Stainless steel wire drawings are like long and short lines covered with stainless steel plates, forming different lines for appearance decoration.


The mirror-polished stainless steel can be collectively referred to as a mirror #8K plate, and the surface of the mirror panel is like a mirror. It is brighter and smoother than brushed stainless steel, such as glass mirrors, used in different high-end decorations. According to the required coefficients, there are 8K ordinary mills, 8K high-spectrum mills, 8K ordinary precision mills, 8K precision mills, and 8K ultra-precision mills. Of course, the higher the better. Therefore, it is usually used where the inner wall of the container has higher requirements for smoothness. Uses: Mainly used for kitchen tableware, elevator decoration, interior decoration, large shopping malls, and other stainless steel products.


Mirror stainless steel sheet vs Stainless steel wire drawing

Both brushed stainless steel and mirrors belong to the surface treatment process of stainless steel plates. Different surface treatment processes show different effects, which determine the scope of use of brushed stainless steel plates and stainless steel mirror panels. Both of these two kinds of drawing boards have a high aesthetic.


Which are better?In fact, the stainless mirror, and the stainless steel wire drawing board have their own advantages. When choosing, you still need to choose according to the usage scenarios and customer standards. Winton stainless steel plate processing plant can provide customers with a variety of customized products with complete specifications, colorful 201/304 stainless steel wire drawing plate, and mirror stainless steel sheet.




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