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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets: Surface Pattern Technology
Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets: Surface Pattern Technology

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With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic level, hotel design style is also constantly evolving. Everyone knows that colored stainless steel plates are needed for interior decoration, hotels, and club KTV decoration. Colored stainless steel sheet is an environmentally friendly and recyclable decorative material, and its surface can be processed into different colors and patterns. The decorative stainless steel sheets make stainless steel a symbol of fashion, luxury and trend. How many kinds of surface pattern technology do you know about the colored stainless steel plate?



The diamond blade is used to engrave various patterns, the pattern accuracy is poor, the labor intensity is high, and the work efficiency is low. The engraving is suitable for uneven surface decoration with low precision requirements.

2. Mechanical milling.

Use mechanical equipment, such as engraving machines, profiling marking machines, to manipulate rotating tools for milling. This method can only engrave on flat steel plates. Easy to perform deep milling.

3.Sandblasting method.

Use compressed air to spray high-speed emery on the surface of the workpiece blocked by the pattern template to form a sand pattern pattern. The surface produced by the sandblasting method is rough, and it is not easy to spray out the pattern of thin strips, and the depth is generally not more than 0.08mm.

4.Imprinting method.

Use fonts, molds or round rollers to apply pressure to force local materials to plastically deform to obtain patterns. Pressure processing includes stamping method, static pressing method or rolling method and so on. After embossing, there is internal stress, and its stress and deformation decrease according to the above methods. The embossing depth is generally up to 0.05-0.20mm, which is called stress marking.


Decorative stainless steel sheets have gradually become an indispensable part of the hotel decoration design due to environmental protection, durability, diverse styles, and beautiful appearance. WINTON is known as an one of professional stainless steel plate suppliers, providing stainless steel sheets for sale. Factory direct, stainless steel plate price is affordable!




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