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Why has ss coloured sheet become the favorite of architectural decoration industry?
Why has ss coloured sheet become the favorite of architectural decoration industry?

SS coloured sheet, Coloured stainless steel sheet supplier

SS coloured sheet is also refined as decorative stainless steel. Compared with traditional metallic stainless steel plates, stainless steel decorative sheets come with more color options. Various plating alternatives are available by using special processing technology, not to mention customizing the surface color of the decorative stainless steel. They have gradually become the favorite of the architectural decoration industry.


Why has ss coloured sheet become the favorite of architectural decoration industry?


Study has shown that ss coloured sheet not only has good durability, but also has a fierce metal texture, a variety of color choices, and multi-level three-dimensional expressiveness.


The colorful stainless steel plate is bright in color and is a very good decorative material. It has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical function, colorful surface layer and long-lasting color, and the color will change with the light point of view.


The colorful surface layer of the colored stainless steel plate can withstand a temperature of 200°C, and the salt spray corrosion resistance is better than that of ordinary stainless steel.


The wear-resistance and scratch-resistance function of the colored stainless steel plate is equivalent to the function of the foil layer coated with gold.


When the colored stainless steel plate is bent at 90°C, the colored layer will not be damaged.


SS coloured sheet is more cost-effective for decoration in the long run. First of all, stainless steel is durable, and secondly, it is healthy and environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Therefore, choosing stainless steel for decoration is the most sensible choice.


Commonly used colored stainless steel sheets:

There are commonly used colored stainless steel sheets are available for customers to choose: titanium black (black titanium), sapphire blue, titanium gold, coffee, brown, bronze, green bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple red, emerald green, etc.


Moreover, the deployment of colors that can be customized and allocated can satisfy the architectural planners' various loves and unique tastes of the architectural decoration atmosphere.



SS coloured sheet can be used for decoration of hall wall panels, ceilings, elevator car panels, car box panels, architectural decoration, signboards, etc.


SS coloured sheet is one of decorative solutions to the field of architectural decoration; it provides a helpful scaffold for decoration, allowing you to feel individual but at the same time typical. Whether it is indoor planning decoration or outdoor decoration planning, colored stainless steel sheets have been used on a large scale.


Coloured stainless steel sheets are becoming more and more popular among large-scale building owners due to their beauty, novel planning and excellent functions of anti-rust and moisture-proof lamps. And ss coloured sheet has become the favorite in the field of construction engineering.


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