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Colored Stainless Steel
Colored Stainless Steel

What is colored stainless steel?

The normal stainless steel usually takes advantage of the coloring method that is Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating, to obtain colored stainless steel. It’s a process that forms a thin chrome oxide layer on the surface of stainless steel. And it’s possible to achieve any colors by controlling the thickness of the oxide layer and isn’t restricted to simply silver. One point to note that it’s still silver base, and only changes the surface color.


Through PVD coating, we can obtain a spectrum of color options. The layer thickness ranging from 0.02 µm to 0.37 µm can impact the darkness of the surface color. The thicker the layer, the darker the color. What’s more, only coating with a chrome layer on the surface is easy to get scratched. In an effort to avoid getting scratched, we usually apply PVC film to the surface of stainless steel.


Colored stainless steel will adopt fingerprint-free processing technology by which a thin and strong protective layer can be formed on the surface to avoid fingerprints left by human fingers. It can obtain a fingerprint-free effect and enhance the anti-rust function.

(The process of PVD Coating)


The main grade of colored stainless steel

There are four main stainless steel grades flooding in the market, which are 304, 201, 430, and 316 grade.


- 304 grade stainless steel

- 201 grade stainless steel

- 316 grade stainless steel

- 430 grade stainless steel


Quality of colored stainless steel

As far as quality is concerned, there is no difference between the colored stainless steel and normal stainless steel. Colored stainless steel gives more color options for decoration, but its quality is not changed.


Price of coloured stainless steel

We summarize the main factors that cause the price difference of the coloured stainless steel:

- Raw material: the specification of the raw material, material, etc.

- Production process: the coloring process, pattern-making process, filming process, etc.

- Transportation and packaging cost


Basically, the price of coloured stainless steel will change due to the price fluctuation of the raw material, the choice of the surface treatment process, and the choice of electroplating color. With these reference factors, it’s not difficult at all to calculate the price.


Normal sizes and thickness of colored stainless steel

Normal Sizes Normal Sizes
1000mm*2000mm 0.3mm
1219mm*2438mm 0.5mm
1219mm*3048mm 0.7mm
1219mm*4000mm 1.5mm
1500mm*3000mm 2.0mm
Customized Customized



Stainless steel colors, Stainless color

Any color is achievable. It’s possible to achieve coloring by PVD coating until the desired color is obtained.


Basic colors:

  • Black color stainless steel
  • Gray stainless steel
  • Gold colored stainless steel
  • Champagne stainless steel
  • Rose Gold stainless steel
  • Red stainless steel
  • Simple green stainless steel
  • Purple stainless steel


Or, you can select from the color code:



What we offer during the production process of color stainless steel:

  • Etching
  • Copper layer coating
  • Anti Finger Printing
  • Auto Pick and Place machines
  • PVD Coating for Fabrications
  • PVD Coating as Horizontal Operating
  • Cutting to Length
  • Super Mirror Polishing
  • Vibration, Bead Blast, Cross Hairline


Colored stainless steel applications:

Colored stainless steel sheet with different surfaces and colors is widely used in interior decoration, elevator, electrical products, hotel decoration, restaurant decoration, villa decoration, kitchenware and bathroom cabinet, etc.


Characteristics of coloured stainless steel sheet:

  1. Durable in application
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Safe and fireproof
  4. Erosion-resisting
  5. Environment friendly
  6. Good materials for interior and external decoration
  7. Good materials for many industrial products


Select a coloured stainless steel sheet supplier:

WINTON Company is renowned as one of the largest manufacturers of colored stainless steel sheets in China and is engaged in the research, production, and sale of ss coloured sheet. You will be in good hands with us for discussing your stainless steel solution.





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