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Introduction of color stainless steel plate
Introduction of color stainless steel plate

Colored stainless steel is an environmentally friendly decoration material, it does not contain organic substances like methanol, it is not radiant, it is safe and fire retardant, suitable for architectural decoration (bus stop, train station, subway station, airport, etc.). ), Hotel and building. Shop decoration, public facilities, new residential houses decoration, etc. Professional production of stainless steel pipes of various materials, colored stainless steel plates, stainless steel BA plates, colored stainless steel 8K mirror plates, stainless steel plates titanium gold colored stainless steel, colored stainless steel steel glass plates, colored stainless steel anti-slip plates, colored stainless steel Polishing plates, colored stainless steel engraving pattern, colored stainless steel embossing plate color, color stainless steel bathroom flower plate, decorative stainless steel ceiling plate, small stainless steel titanium plate, sandblasted stainless steel products, random stainless steel sample plate (sample plate shock), embossed stainless steel color tea plate, etc. It is characterized by wear resistance and corrosion resistance that have reached the international advanced level (the international level is 500g positive pressure soft rubber grater 200 times without fading, and the company's products can be used 5000 times without fading to reach). And the color is beautiful, and the price is only one tenth of the imported products.


In terms of process adaptation, we have developed the color series with a pure flat surface effect from titanium gold. While maintaining the general smoothness and smoothness of stainless steel products, stainless steel products are endowed with beautiful color patterns, which makes the products bright and eye-catching, easy to clean and durable. Color classification for stainless steel: Colored stainless steel is divided into colored stainless steel plates, colored stainless steel engraving plates and stainless steel embossing plates color-able, 8K color stainless steel plate, colored stainless steel wire drawing plate, colored spots s steel sandblasting plate, colored stainless steel snow sand plate, stainless steel combination plate colored, colored stainless steel matt plate, colored stainless steel anti-slip plate, etc.


Colored stainless steel plate: Colored stainless steel is chemically (or electrochemically) processed into an oxide film with high corrosion resistance on the surface of stainless steel, which gives stainless steel different colors, which not only preserves the original advantages of stainless steel and its corrosion resistance, aging resistance, UV radiation resistance and appearance decoration effect are better than ordinary stainless steel. Its colors are light golden yellow, golden yellow, purple red, sapphire blue, black titanium, titanium, coffee, fine color, zircon gold, bronze, pink, champagne; Bronze etc.;; Heat resistance: 28 days immersion in boiling water, five weeks exposure below 200 ° C, long exposure below 250 ° C, heating to 400 ° C, there is no apparent change in film color; Abrasion resistance and scratch resistance: Can be under a pressure of 500g / cm2, the rubber does not change color after 2000 times and is not scratched with a 300g steel needle. Processing performance: Can withstand conventional molding, deep drawing, bending and work hardening, 180 ° bending test and 8 mm cupping. After testing, the oxide film is intact. Colored stainless steel is not a color-coated steel plate, and there is no surface coating and toxicity.


Forms a transparent oxide film on the surface of silver-white stainless steel. The interference of the oxide film with light creates different colors. Stainless steel has unique strength, high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance and growth resistance. Excellent properties such as rust. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical industry, food machinery, electromechanical industry, food industry, environmental protection, household appliances and home decoration industry, finishing industry, giving people a beautiful and noble feeling.

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